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True Friends - capn_bonesy
True Friends
This Poem I Dedicate To My Best Friend Stitch

sometimes it hurts to see you,
and know i have to leave
to spend the time by your side
when away from you i grieve

to see you smile to hear you laugh
to know youre always there
all these things make me smile
even that i know you care

i can admit just one tiny thing
that sometimes you make me frown
but thats not your fault youre not to blame
its my only fault im down

i get this empty feeling
in my head and in my heart
but unlike when im with you
its only when we're apart

my feelings for you run so true
i love you all the same
i love everything about you
even when you say my name

the way you make me feel inside
all warm and full of love
i feel the fluttering in my chest
not butterflies but a dove

to me you mean the entire world
the universe and more
to see your smile when i arrive
when you answer the door

if i could choose a million things
from them i'd need just one
to have you as a friend to me
but thats already done

i thank you for your warmth
your compassion in between
sometimes i feel im sleeping
not wanting to end this dream

if i had one chance for me
to start this life again
i wouldnt do anything different
i'd have everything the same
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