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darkness falls in a world of hate
fear depravity left in its wake
you see them running, to escape its plight
turn and hold the position to fight
devoured by sin, devoured by pain
each and all will know their shame
this world we knew is now no more
this world now dead from what was pure

why is it that we cant just be friends.
Fighting a war that may never end.
This planet is doomed this earth is a mess.
But still all we do is fight over who's best.
We kill and we die for what we feel is true.
There is no future from all that we do.

This world isn't big enough
oh so they might say.
But there's room for us all.
A place for each to stay.
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found this on the net. quite like this saying. it rings true for alot of people
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no matter how i wander,
my heart it leads the way
no matter how often i clear my head,
it seems its there to stay

i try to arrange the thoughts i have,
to keep me from going insane
but my heart keeps beating in my chest,
The emotion there's the same

my head could be in pieces,
my body on the floor
all it would take to change all that,
would be you coming through that door.

to hear your voice to see you smile,
would lift me up on high
to spend a moment in your presence,
would make me feel that i could fly
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i dont need to worry
i dont need to fear
cuz i know in my heart
you'll always be near

no matter the weather
no matter the time
i know for a fact
everything will be fine

i know you mean good
and will never do wrong
i know you wont fail me
or cause me any harm

youve been like an angel
a guardian to me
you can brighten any day
thats been darkened to me
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This Poem is dedicated to a true friend of mine who has helped me the past few months. Stitch :D

no matter where i find myself
i know that you'll be there
if im sad or if im angry
i know you'll always care

your loving heart and caring soul
in which you know i trust
our friendship means so much to me
my feelings are so just

your tender hands your strong embrace
that makes me feel secure
knowing that you're there for me
with a heart so warm and pure

im glad to know you as a friend
and how you make me feel
sometimes i think im dreaming this
im glad its very real

like the beat of my heart and breath from my lungs
our friendship i value most
i never want to lose that feeling
so to my heart i keep you close

so when im feeling down and out
i think of whats become
i think of all the times we've had
and the fun things we have done
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i wanna numb the pain,
make it fade away
it hurts inside my head
there it seems to stay

its not the only place
i feel it to be
my heart contains this
same feeling you see

i dont know weather
im coming or going
im hiding it all
no none of its showing

i don't know why im like this
i don't know why i care
cant understand why i feel this
i just know its always there

like a weight thats in the back of my mind
like pressure on my chest
like every bullet shot at me
has passed right through my vest

like a train it keeps on coming
and im tied right to the tracks
no escape from pending danger
no way out and no way back

my life has been in shambles
since the day that i was born
and now i face this world
with my back upon the dawn

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