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You - capn_bonesy
The things I’d like to say to you,
These words are from the heart.
Its heaven when we're together.
Hell when we're apart.

I smell your scent upon my pillow,
Wishing you were there.
I'd wrap my arms around you,
Then tell you how much I care.

I anticipate every moment,
I get to spend with you.
If I could slow time to a crawl,
Then that's just what I would do.

To hear you say my name
To feel your tender kiss
When you are not around me
It’s all of this I miss

To see that smile upon your face
So loving and so warm
I'd never want to hurt you
Or let you come to harm

If i could chose between the world
And spending time with you
You’re gonna be the one I choose
This much i know is true.

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