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this world - capn_bonesy
this world
we live in a world full of hate
dispair is all i see
where love is meant to guide us
to set all our hearts free

we get brought into this world
through no exact choice of our own
we live our lives to the notes
and the guidelines we've been shown

theres nothing to look forward to
we live for the sake of living
we enter this world empty handed
no clothes no items no nothing

we fight because we're taught to
we think its all for peace
we try to right the wrong things
when will the anger cease

they teach about our history
and the wars our ancestors faught
yet they dont learn from these things
they still practice whats been taught

i look around cities
and the places that we live
what human kind has taken from the earth
and that we have nothing to give

we live in revolting buildings
that are nothing for the eye
they think they've done a good job
on structures built so high

why cant we be like other animals
and take just what we need
we live as one society
a culture built on greed

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